Bill Nye – Sound

Notes –

  • Sound is tiny waves in the air.
  • Ear is a cupped shape so it can receive sound.
  • Sound travels 18 times faster through metal and bricks.
  • Think of a slinky, that’s how sound works, bounces off and comes back.
  • Echo is a sound wave bouncing off of something.
  • Sound waves reflect best off of Curved buildings.
  • Sound vibrates the ear drums.
  • Faster waves cause into a higher frequency and vice versa.
  • When something is solid and you’re in it, it causes to make your voice sound fuller (example – Shower).
  • We time the sound in each ear to know what direction it is coming from.
  • The ultrasound are sending sound waves, see the baby, blood flow.
  • Natural frequency is the frequency it wants to sound at.
  • You have to sing at the right frequency for glass to break.
  • When you talk, it is vibrations in your throat.

About Me Presentation

Summary of Project

For this project, we were suppose to make a presentation about ourselves. We wanted to show others our life story, things you enjoy, hobbies etc. I personally chose to make mine about my life and talk about the struggles I’ve gone through.

What is Good Presentation?

What is considered a good presentation you ask? A good presentation has many different components to it. The biggest one is, KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you make yours simple, you will keep the audience entertained! Also, 1-2 words per slide, if you have a paragraph they will pay more attention to the screen instead of you. And lastly, have a black or white background, if you do a fun color you will end up distracting the audience. Always make a story board before you go straight into a presentation, keep your notes organized it will help you start and finish faster.

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming is a very helpful tool. It lets you get all your information out without trying to remember what you want to put into your slide show. All it is, is one simple task, just write everything that comes to mind!

Creating the Storyboard

I love story boarding, this really helped me organize my ideas and put them in the order the way I like them. I took all the information from my brainstorm and transferred it to a nice and organized piece of paper. All you have to do is go straight to your brainstorm and put it together the way you think makes the most sense.

Creating the Script

Putting them in the order you want them makes it 10 times easier. You know exactly what you want without winging it.

Creating the Master Slide

When you create the master slide, this changes all the slides to make sure they all look the exact same! It will be too distracting if you have each slide look completely different.

 Sharing the Presentation

This is my presentation, all these steps that I talked about, have helped me make my presentation simple and easy.



What I Learned

What I learned is that you need to keep it super simple! When I thought and heard of the word ‘simple’, in my mind, I was thinking you needed at least 5 words! But, I found out that 1 word per slide keeps the audience engaged and wanting to learn more on what you’re talking about!