Sound Wave Project

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Summary –

For this project we were told to explain the sound waves definitions. Mayah and I decided to break the definitions down and make it easy to understand with a little humor. We chose to do a voice thread because it was simple, yet effective.

Timeline –

*We decided to split all parts of the project in half.*

Wednesday – Make schedule. Fill out teamwork planning form.

Thursday – Break down definitions. Brainstorm ideas for presentation. {Mayah first half of definitions, Emily Second half.}

Friday – Start storyboard for presentation. {Together}

Monday ~ Tuesday – Start making presentation/record.  {Mayah recording and finding pictures, Emily putting the power point together.}

Wednesday – Finish presentation.

Thursday – Finish recording. Final touches on presentation. {Together}

Sound Wave Definitions Evidence –

Terms –

  • Amplitude – Intensity of the sound.
  • Bass – Low frequency.
  • Compression – Make the sounds wave smaller.
  • Decibel – Measurement of the sound wave, ratio between two waves.
  • Equalization – a control to balance the sounds.
  • Frequency – Number of sounds vibrating.
  • Fundamental – Lowest sound on an instrument.
  • Harmonic – A multiple of the fundamental frequency.
  • Hertz – Measurement in sound, mostly frequency.
  • Infrasonic – Too Low to hear the sounds.
  • Midrange – 20 – 20,000 hertz is what you should be able to hear.
  • Octave – Lower sounds made.
  • Phase – Two sound waves hitting one another.
  • Pitch – How high or low the sound is.
  • Sound Frequency Spectrum – The sound is just right.
  • Sound Wave – Like a piano, there is a same key, but in different pitches.
  • Treble – Higher notes.
  • Ultrasonic – Too high to hear the sounds.
  • Velocity – Speed given in one direction
  • Wavelength – Distance between two waves.

What I Learned –

What I learned throughout this project was all the definitions in a fun kind of way. Mayah and I learned that you can make something complicated into something humerus and memorable. The different analogies that we came up with are going to be hard to forget. Now that I’ve gotten to know these terms, I know more about the sounds around me.


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