Rhythm Recording Project

Summary –

This project was a way to show what we know about Control Timings with Groove Tracks, Follow the Rhythm of another beat, etc. I chose to show what I know with screen shots and a Voice Thread from a PowerPoint. This was pretty fun, because this was a project in which we could show what we know in our own ways.

Evidence –


Within the project, I mess up on the definitions of Record a Apreggiated Drum Track and Make Audio & MIDI Regions Loop Ready. For Record a Apreggiated Drum, this is more of changing the cycles in order to get the specific sounds you are wanting to hear from the track. The other one is Make Audio & MIDI Regions Loop Ready is more of putting the loop button on and listening to your MIDI, this is to make sure there aren’t missing any beats between each part.

Terms and Concepts –

Meter – The heartbeat of the song, the rhythmic structure.

Pacing – Similar to tempo, more of the feeling of the music.

Tempo – Number of beats per minute.

Beat – Steady notes of a song.

Hip Hop – Music made by machines, but a common genre of music.

Out of the Pocket – When you are on beat.

Quantize – Finding the closest rhythmic beat, and is computer based.

Single Take – Only record once.

Multipass Recording – Recording multiple times and breaking it up (like Frankenstein).

Overdub – You have an initial recording and you are adding instruments top record another track and adding on top of it.

C1 Octave Range  – A range of music from C1-C2 using two octaves, a point on the key board.

Cowbell – A repetitive and percussive instrument.

Kick Drum – Lowest sounding drum.

Snare Drum Cymbal – Row of metal components so when played it rattles to make a really good sound.

Drum Machine (808) – One of the first nice drum machine and has a great/rich low end.

Loop – A repeated sound (Seamless).

Arpeggiation – Playing the notes of a cord one at a time.

Sound Effects – Sounds that are made for a script that can enhance the reality.

One Shot Sound – A type of loop which is not considered a loop.

What I Learned –

What I learned for this project was how to use the tools in GarageBand. Looking at it, I had no idea what to do or how to do it. I’m so glad I learned! I had a few troubles in trying to explain what the concept was, you can tell that I stutter every once in a while, but that’s probably just nerves. These packets help me a ton!

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