School of Rock Final

Big shout out to Mr. Le Duc and Kinsey Entrekin for teaching everything I now know in music today! For my final, I really just messed around with a download called ‘Virtual DJ’, this was a lot of fun, and kind of addicting. I used multiple songs that come from various artists such as Shawn Mendes, 7eventh Time Down, and Troye Sivan. I love this class, and I am FOR SURE going to miss it. I love the environment in these kind of classes, bringing hobbies and connecting with other students.

‘Procrastination’ Sound Production Project

Creative Commons Photo by marfis75

Summary –

For this project we had to make a composition, this had to incorporate Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Bass! This was really fun and I learned a TON!

21st Century Skills Demonstrated –

One we used quite often, we had to be creative, so Thinking Creativity was a large portion of our project. You can’t just go bust something out within 15 minutes and just be happy with it, you have to work for it, and have a thought process of what you are going to do. Another 21st century skill that we used was ‘Information Literacy’, this was used throughout the whole project. Like it says in the website, Information Literacy, was a lot of pushing through lots of complex environments, I don’t know how to play any instruments, so this was really hard, but I got through it. Last, but not least was Flexibility and Adaptability, this was probably a big portion for Kinsey, working with someone, like myself, and teaching them how to play music. She had to teach me multiple skills about creating a song that I hadn’t worked with before, she stayed relaxed and was ready to teach.

The Composition –

Reactions to the Final Version –

Ethyn Smith, “I liked the bass and drum within the track, it was pretty good, it was solid.”

Ethan Timmons, “I like how it all sounded together and it sounded really good.”

Evaluation of the Final Version –

I’m new to this, so this was hard for myself, but I had an awesome partner to teach me how and what to do. Our goal was to make a song about life, the way the notes were laid out made it quite simple. Half way through the composition we changed the instrument to get you off your seat and become intrigued. We built up the tension in multiple sections of the composition, to give you an emotional feel towards the song.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved –

I learned a lot, having a partner like Kinsey who is very talented and musical, and then having me, who has never played an instrument in her life, I learned a ton. Kinsey taught me so many things such as musical ‘vocab’, she even taught me how to create a bass line! So when you hear that loud bass line towards the end, that’s me! Just watching Kinsey tap on the keyboard just opened a new door, seeing someone who loves music just bust out a jam, and it is all just off the top of her head! Wow, I am still dumbfounded on how well she plays music, I think I had the perfect partner to learn how to actually make a song. Thank you Ethan and Ethyn for giving us feedback within our composition.